Online Proxy Scraper

Use this free online tool for extracting a list of proxies from any piece of text or a website. This becomes super useful when you have a link to some website that publishes lists of proxy servers, and you just want to fetch all those proxies from that page and save them in plain IP:PORT format. You can then copy that list of proxies and paste it into whatever application or document that expects a list of proxies in that exact format.


If you do this too much, you will be asked to solve a Captcha to prove that you are a human, and you are not using some sort of script to automate the use of this proxy scraper. Any abusers will be permanently IP banned.
When fetching proxies from a URL, only the first found URL will be crawled. Any subsequent URL included in your text will be ignored.
At the moment, only IPv4 address format is supported, so only those proxies with such IP address format will be extracted. IPv6 address support is coming soon.

To-do list...

  • Support fetching proxies from more than one URL at a time
  • Automatically filter out duplicate proxies from the list
  • Make it faster. Some URLs take more than a few seconds to download and parse out.
  • Add capability to scrape proxies from URLs multiple levels deep - start by extract all the proxies you can find on first page, and then try finding more proxies from all the pages that the first page is linking to, etc.