Email Send Email Anonymously

If you ever wanted to send someone an email anonymously - without the recipient knowing who sent it or having the ability to trace you down, then this service is for you. Simply type up the message, and enter the email address of the recipient that you want this message to be forwarded to on your behalf in a way that reveals nothing about you to that recipient.

No information about you is ever forwarded to the recipient. We know nothing about you besides your IP address anyways, so you will remain completely anonymous to the recipient. Best they can do is trace it back to this website, but the recipient will never connect it back to the individual or the computer that sent that email to them in the first place.
This is much simpler and convenient than having to create a burner email account using fake information on some free email service like Google or Yahoo, and sending "anonymous" email that way. But even without you providing your personal information, those services will still track your IP address (unless you are behind a proxy or sending from a public wifi area) and will collect all data on all your actions.

⚠️ This service may experience downtime during busy times. If you encounter any errors, just try again later.


  • You may not use this service for any illegal activities such as sending spam or death threats to people. You will be banned.
  • There is a hard limit of 5 emails per day that you are allowed to send from this website.
  • There is also a global limit for the entire site - if too many people send too many emails on a particular day, it will throw API limit errors.

How can I attach files to an email?

There is no easy way at the moment. All you can do right now is to upload those files somewhere else like:, and then include the link given to that file inside your email message.