Online Proxy Checker

This free-to-use tool lets you check a list of proxy servers and verify if those proxies are still working or not, determine their level of anonymity, country of origin, and other stats. No need to download or install any software to your own computer, or waste bandwidth performing thousands of tests using your internet connection. The purpose here was to build something that is functional, has a very simple interface, and works fast and is without any unreasonable limitations. Many other proxy checkers you find online are straight up broken or are unnecessary complicated to use, so this was built.

Most popular users of this tool will be either servers administrators who want make sure their proxy server was set-up correctly, and that the requests are being forwarded properly - and casual internet users who found a list of proxies among hundreds of sites that publish them, and want to verify how many of them are still viable for use.


Check thousands of proxy servers at once

A limit of just a 100 proxies per scan may be unacceptable to you, as your list may be thousands of proxies long and thus testing them 100 at a time would be unreasonable. If you are planning on checking a large batch of proxies, you are better off downloading a stand-alone software that imposes no such limitations other than what the limits are of your own internet connection.

One such piece of software is our very own "Nova Proxy Suite" that is available for download from our proxy software page. It is 100% free, and is capable of easily checkins thousands of proxies at once. proxy finder and checker

Check if proxy is working using cURL

If you need to test one specific proxy server from your Linux box without having to install anything special, use this command:

curl --proxy "ip:port" -i

To-do list

This application is still in the works, and there are plenty of features that have yet to be implemented such as...