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This very basic brute force calculator can be used to get a rough estimate on the amount of time it would take for someone to crack your password when trying every possible combination until it finds a match.

The calculator works according to a very simple formula where it takes the number of possible combinations available for a particular password, and divides that by the number of password attempts that some computer's hardware is capable of executing in a single second. In reality, of course, hackers have more efficient ways to crack your password than by blindly trying every letter/number combination imaginable. Dictionary attacks, for example, are effectively used by checking your hashed password against millions of most commonly used passwords or against passwords obtained from various data breaches. Still, the estimates given by this calculator are useful to see the big picture, and get a sense if your chosen password is strong enough to resist brute force attacks if the service you used that password on was ever hacked.

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*Note: number above represents amount of time to exhaust every single combination. Realistically, you should find the password much sooner as you have about 50% chance to encounter correct password after exhausting just 50% of possible combinations, etc. Therefore, it makes sense to slash that number in half to get the expected average case.

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