Scrapebox Proxy Sources

Scrapebox by default comes preloaded with its own internal proxy sources which can be used to harvest proxies from, but considering just how popular Scrapebox is, they are nearly useless. The fact is that those same proxy sources are being used by thousands of people every single day so valuable proxies from those sources quickly become exhausted or temporarily blacklisted from Google if such proxy is making excessive queries to their servers - Error 302(IP Blocked).

In order to avoid those errors and become more efficient at using Scrapebox, you should consider adding new proxy sources to Scrapebox that are not currently used by other Scrapebox users. Unfortunately finding proxy lists isn't easy as many proxy list providers nowadays have "disguised" their proxies in a way that prevents software such as Scrapebox from reading them. Strategies like using Javascript to display proxies - <script>document.write('212'+'.32.'+'.56'+'.126:8080');</script> will confuse Scrapebox as it can't make sense of that, however it will make sense to your browser which will render it to your screen as: . A proxy must appear exactly as 212:32.56.126:8080 in order for Scrapebox to be able to read it. What this means is that Scrapebox can only harvest proxies from such pages that haven't bothered protecting their proxies. Here are just a couple of such proxy lists:

An easier way of finding new proxy lists is by using Google. For example, by constructing a query that narrows down your results to only .txt files and certain proxy keywords or common port numbers should return some good results

filetype:txt free proxy lists
filetype:txt "8080" "3128" "80"

Add new Proxy Source

To add a new proxy source to Scrapebox, open the Proxy Manager and then click on Harvest Proxies. Once there, click Add source button and select By typing the url.

Type in or paste some URL which Scrapebox should use when harvesting proxies.

Newly added proxy source(if checked) will be used everytime you harvest proxies through Scrapebox.